VLC media player can play these older music formats.

Jason's Picks - 2.4 MB

Some of my personal favourite tracks, in modular formats.

Music Pack - 27.1 MB

This was originally offered for free download at Jazz 2 City, a site which has been offline for years now.

Definite Loud - 8.1 MB

This is every song that was available from a small sub-domain for music called Definite Loud, which is also offline.

Favourites - 7.2 MB

These are some of my favourites.

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Download Midnight Print
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Download Pink
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Download Textual
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Download Clean and SimpL
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Download Fresh
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Download Liquid
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Download OpenTech
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Download Orange
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Download Gnome09
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Download Gnome08
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Download Gnome07
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Download Gnome06
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Download Gnome05
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Download Gnome04
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Download Gnome03
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Download Gnome02_1
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